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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery services offered in Elizabeth, NJ

Oral health is of growing concern owing to food and lifestyle changes across the globe. While it is
estimated that world wide over 2 billion people suffer from damaged permanent teeth, the number only
seems to be going upwards. With the complications on rise, dental surgeries are not unheard of,
especially in situations where a routine dental treatment is unable to save your tooth.
Oral Surgery can be worrisome for those who have never been through this procedure before. Here are
three important facts that can help you understand this process:

Oral Surgery Q&A

How much blood will I lose during an oral surgery procedure?

While it is difficult to measure the amount of blood lost because dentists use a suction pipe, there are
predictive guidelines on how much blood loss does each procedure cause. It is thus extremely important
that you discuss your prevailing health issues like high blood pressure and blood sugar, with your dentist
before you opt for an oral surgery, if not this can be dangerous during the procedure.


How many visits will a complete oral surgery take?

This purely depends on the procedure, if it is a tooth extraction it can be achieved in one sitting for most
cases, however if the procedure is far more complex like a jawbone graft, this may need multiple
sittings. Not knowing usually causes anxiety, so always discuss your surgery with your dentist and gather
as much information as you can on the process and healing.


Does oral surgery hurt?

Yes it will, like any other surgery, the procedure of a dental surgery will hurt, however rest assured that
with the amazing progress in technology dentists have ensured that the patient is exposed to the least
amount of pain during and after the surgery. Follow all instructions provided and rest assured, in a few
days the surgery and the memory of pain will be gone.

At Elmora Dental Associates of Elizabeth we understand that oral surgeries can be a daunting experience
for our patients and we have worked very hard to ensure we provide the best state of the art facilities
for the them. Dr. Neetu Bhanushali is a reputed name in oral surgery, book an appointment with her