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Root Canal

Root Canal services offered in Elizabeth, NJ

Over the years, your teeth go through multiple wear and tear. Owing to this your teeth do get
decayed or damaged. If you have a healthy dental routine and visit your dentist often, they can spot
and repair the damage in time, saving your teeth. However if you have been ignoring your dental
hygiene and suddenly develop terrible tooth ache, changes are your tooth has decayed beyond
repair and has also effected the area of tissue and gum around it. In cases like these, a root canal is

Root Canal Q&A

What are some of the most common signs that indicate I may need a root canal?

While there are many silent signs, some indications are more prominent:

· If you face severe pain while biting or chewing
· If your gums are swollen or terribly tender
· A chipped or a cracked tooth

If you are facing any of these symptoms it is advised that you book your appointment with a dentist
today, delay in treatment will only increase the complications.


Who performs a root canal?

Root canal is a specialty treatment and a dentist must complete an additional two year course
beyond dentistry to qualify them as specials in saving teeth.


How many sittings would a root canal need?

This completely depends on the complexity of the case. Some cases may take more than one sitting
while in most uncomplicated cases, the procedure is completed in a single sitting. There will
however always be a follow up session to ensure the gums have healed and the infection is gone.

Elmora Dental Associates at Elizabeth has a team of highly skilled doctors who handle root canals
and deliver incredible results. Book your appointment with us today if you have been recommended
a root canal or are facing symptoms like pain, swelling infection and others.