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Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry services offered in Elizabeth, NJ

Sports Dentistry is one of the fastest growing fields within the dental practices across the world. Sports
dentistry entails the prevention and treatment of sports – related dental injuries and their associated
oral disease. Dental injuries are not uncommon in the world of sports, infact it is estimated that 15
million sports related dental injuries are reported every year in the U.S.

The Elmora Dental Associates of Elizabeth’s team of incredible dentists including Dr. Neetu Bhanushali are leaders in the practice of sports dentistry. They offer a variety of procedures that are key in maintaining oral health of people actively engaged in athletics. Here are few common questions answered to help you understand sports dentistry better:

Sports Dentistry Q&A

What are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are a protective cover that align with your teeth to protect them from any injury during
sports activities. There are multiple styles of mouth guards and you can always speak with your dentist
to understand which mouth guard is best fitted for you and the sport you practice.

Why should I wear a Mouthguard?

Your mouth is made up of multiple elements, teeth, gums, jaw, tongue and multiple soft tissues.
Breaking your teeth is not the only worry when you practice active sports, there is always the fear of
causing damage to your jaws, gums and other organs within the oral cavity. Thus if you are someone
who practices a sport that can lead to a direct impact on your face, a mouthguard can save you a lot of
trouble and pain.

What does the future hold?

Many athletes are unaware of the permanent damages having an Orofacial injury can cause. A traumatic
injury on your face can lead to a fractured jawline that can take months to fix, or broken teeth that can
take weeks to replace. Coaches, trainers and athletes must invest in a good oral plan to not just treat,
but prevent oral injuries due to sports.

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