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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction services offered in Elizabeth, NJ

Why does a tooth have to be removed?

Tooth extractions can become a necessary procedure for reasons ranging from mild to
complex like crowding, wisdom teeth, infections, disease, damage, and even extracting
another tooth.  If tooth decay or infection becomes too aggressive for treatment, the false
tooth might need to be removed before it spreads its diseases to surrounding healthier

How does the procedure work?

Prior to the extraction, the dentist uses anaesthetic medicine to numb the patient’s mouth,
and depending on the procedure, the patient would have to be sedated throughout.
Patients are typically sedated for complex procedures; however, they can choose to be
sedated if they have some kind of fear. If your tooth is impacted or is unable to be removed,
your dentist may have to break the tooth into small pieces for an uncomplicated extraction. 
How much pain would I experience?
Just like any other surgery, tooth extraction can also include a degree of pain or discomfort
after the procedure. Patients are given a prescription for medication for their pain and are
required to follow the instructions that are attached to it. If you have further doubts, do not
hesitate to contact your dentist. 


What is the aftercare process like? 

Patients are usually sent home with instructions on aftercare the very same day. It’s
imperative to avoid foods that are difficult to chew. It is also recommended to rinse your
mouth every few hours with salt water to keep your socket hydrated. Ensure you brush and
floss your teeth as usual while being careful to avoid the healing area.